The marketing department develops strategies, annual plans, objectives and sales targets for LANDI Switzerland. Derived from the central sales targets, the budgets are spread across the individual retail outlets so that success on the market can be guaranteed in the long term.

The permanently low price concept (LANDI PREIS) is one of the central pillars, which not only demonstrates LANDI’s value for money but also increases customer frequency in the store. Targeted concepts have made it possible to develop LANDI into a respectable channel/supplier in the market environment. The higher-level objectives are reformulated or adjusted annually.

Sales organisation

The sales organisation is managed centrally and tightly with a focus on targets. Area managers in the field, supported by regional sales managers, take care of sales at the retail outlets. Every LANDI store has a direct contact on site as well as in sales support.

The sales staff have a comprehensive array of services at their disposal when dealing with front-line sales:

  • 2 to 3 deliveries per week from central warehouse
  • Closed communication, ordering and delivery system - AGRONET
    The intranet platform between the LANDI stores and LANDI Switzerland enables the retail outlets to order efficiently around the clock. The stores can obtain information about the availability, price and features of an item at any time. Advertising aids and information on activities can be accessed easily and conveniently in Agronet.
  • Customer service
    Simple handling - as the saying goes: “Trust starts with customer satisfaction”. Our customer service team settles complaints within one working day and takes suggestions on board. The internal repair shop guarantees a faultless service. In-house repairs are processed whenever possible (peak seasons) within five working days.
    LANDI stands by its quality and offers a five-year guarantee on all eligible units as part of the standard terms and conditions (material and manufacturing defects).
  • LANDI Forum – the training campaign for everyone;
    from sales trainees to store managers
  • Expansion and realisation (“System for success”)
  • Structured modules for shop fitting
Closeness to front-line sales is a conscious objective, to secure success in the long term.